Gas mixtures

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Gas mixtures

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Compressible fluid [ for compressors, gas turbines only ]

New gas mixtures can be designed on the basis of gases already defined in the compressible branch of the fluid manager. The mass and mole ratios resp. of the components will be used to determine the mixture's properties. The generated mixture can be tested with the calculate button in the upper right corner.

All mixture parameters apart from kinematic viscosity and thermal conductivity are calculated with the help of the component's mass fraction wi and parameter fi:

Mixture kinematic viscosity and thermal conductivity are determined by the component's viscosity and conductivity respectively weighted by the component's mole fraction xi and by a correction factor ϕij(T). Mole fraction and mass fraction are connected by the molar weight M:

The correction factor ϕij(T) is determined from the component's kinematic viscosity νi and molar weight Mi according to Mason & Saxena by:

The kinematic viscosity is determined by:

The thermal conductivity is determined by: