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Error messages




No valid license available yet.

See Steps for licensing

Diagnostic configuration

CFturbo and its license server are enabled to output diagnostic information about licensing. Start menu entries are created to run a script collecting useful information for the support:

"Run CFturbo Diagnostics" on the client

"Run License Server Diagnostics" on the server

Alternatively the client license dialog and the server request generator have a Diagnostics button in the bottom line to start the diagnostic.

The resulting text file will give among others the following information:

time the program was run

working directory

relevant environment variables

the license files in use, in the order RLM will use them (can be re-ordered from your normal list if RLM_PATH_RANDOMIZE is set)

a list of all licenses which can be checked out

License server problems

If problems occur setting up or running the license server, the following can be checked:

Service "Reprise LM for CFturbo" present and running (Windows® services)

Server logfile (installation directory of license server, server.log and cfturbo.dlog)

Server diagnostics (License server web interface -> Diagnostics)