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► SETTINGS | General | Licensing

CFturbo can be used without a valid license in viewer mode. This mode allows to open project files independent of the included components for reading access. No changes can be done in viewer mode.

For modifying projects with CFturbo a valid license is necessary. Does a project include multiple components, only that ones can be modified, a valid license is present for.

A special feature of the CFturbo license model are stators. With every license for volute or impeller it is possible to create and modify stators without blades.


Menu item Licensing enables license handling.

REQUEST new license by e-mail

SHOW current license information

License expiration

If the license of a software module has expired, it can be reactivated by replacing the license with a new one.

A hint with remaining days appears on startup screen 20 days before expiration of the license. The number of days for this hint can be specified in SETTINGS | Preferences | General.

Steps for licensing


At the first start of CFturbo there is no running license available. For using the viewer mode, no further steps are necessary.

If projects are going to be modified:

a) A node-locked license has to be requested and installed


b) CFturbo has to be configured for using a floating license in place.

In general all licensing steps can be performed using remote desktop connection (RDP). But keep in mind that finally a Node-locked license can be used directly on this computer only and not via a RDP session. For this purpose, a Floating license is required!

1. Node-locked License



Start CFturbo - you see the "License" dialog (or open menu SETTINGS | General | Licensing).


Request node-locked license and send license request to


Save license file (<filename>.lic) received from CFturbo sales team to CFturbo installation directory (C:\Program Files\CFturbo *)


Show license information to check modules and dates

2. Floating License

(NOT available for trial license)

To use CFturbo with a floating license, the CFturbo license server software must be setup (includes requesting and installing a floating license). For details see Floating license setup.

Every client computer that should run CFturbo has to be configured for using the floating license.



Floating license setup


Start CFturbo and open menu SETTINGS | General | Licensing


Show license information to check modules and dates