Floating license setup

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Floating license setup

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Selecting the license server machine

Network (floating) licensing requires a CFturbo license server software running on a server machine. The license server controls access of the clients to the CFturbo licenses.

The server machine should have the following properties:

The operating system of the server machine has to be Microsoft Windows®.
It's highly recommended to use a server system (Windows Server 20xx).

The server machine must be accessible from the CFturbo clients.
Normally, server machine and CFturbo clients have to be located in the same local area network (LAN).
Usage of the floating licenses across locations (WAN) is allowed with the corresponding license agreement only.

The server machine should be highly available, have high-speed Ethernet connection and a moderate level of network traffic.

All license related files must be located on a local computer disk of the server machine.

The server machine must have a static IP address.

Make sure that the time and date of the server machine is correct. Do not manipulate these settings manually.

If the recommendations are not followed, corresponding warnings are displayed during the installation and have to be explicitly confirmed by the user.

License server on Virtual Machines

The CFturbo license server software can be installed and used on a Virtual Machine. Even if the most well-known suppliers (e.g. VMware) are supported, the license handling is not tested and certified on all Virtual Machine environments. Problems related to the use of virtual servers cannot be resolved by the CFturbo support and should be reported to the Virtual Machine supplier.

Note, that using Virtual Machines to duplicate the available CFturbo licenses is explicitly prohibited.

Steps for network licensing

For using CFturbo with a floating license the following steps have to be performed:

1.Setting up the CFturbo license server

2.Requesting a license using the Request Generator

3.Storing the received license file in the CFturbo license server installation directory

4.Configuring the clients for accessing the floating license