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Topic GENERAL is used for global program options.

Language of online help

In this dialog the language of online help can be set. The default is English.

Warning before license expiration

Furthermore you can specify the number of days for license expiration warning at startup. Default value is 20 days.

The warning message looks as follows:

Initial view after loading file

Select which view should be displayed after file loading. Choosing the 3D Model will increase the time needed for loading, because the model gets updated first.

Reset "Additional Views" configuration

Deletes the configuration of "Additional Views" of all dialogs. The configuration contains the visibility as well as width and height of the visible elements.

Ask for deactivating automatic calculations when loading older file

If a CFturbo project was created by an older version and contains automatic calculations the user will be asked for deactivating it when opening such a file. This should assure identical geometry over several CFturbo versions. See Automatic calculations.


3D model mouse handling

Here you can assign functions (Rotate, Zoom, Move) to the mouse buttons (Left, Middle, Right) for handling the 3D model.

Check for available updates

Optionally, you can check for available updates at program startup. 3 alternative intervals are available: at each start, weekly, monthly.

An update check can be started directly using the button "Check now..." (see Check for Updates). The date of last update check is displayed for information.