3D Model

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3D Model

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Tab sheet 3D Model contains the three dimensional representation of the project design state. This view has its own context sensitive ribbon tab, see 3D View.

The CAD model can be exported as IGES, STEP, STL, Parasolid or BREP - see Export. For export, only the currently visible geometrical elements are considered.


The 3D display can be influenced by mouse:


Rotation around center of visualized geometry or clicked point on a 3D-object respectively

The rotation center is visualized by a 3D marker.


2 Zoom (also mouse wheel)         1  Rotation around z-axis



The functions can be assigned to mouse buttons via Preferences/ General.

Furthermore, the 3D-View is sensitive to mouse movement and mouse clicks in the following manner:

Mouse movement

Activates highlighting of 3D-object under the cursor.
When hovering on the 3D-object, a hint with its name is displayed.

Left mouse-button

Selects and deselects the 3D-object under the cursor, respectively. When clicking in empty space, all 3D-objects are deselected.

<Crtl> + left mouse-button

Multi-selection of 3D-objects.

Right mouse-button

Opens context menu with display properties for all selected 3D-objects (see Model tree (left)).


Above the 3D representation in the menus 3D Model and 3D Model - Blades you can find buttons which have only an optical effect but do not change the geometry model.

¢ Model display (top)

Model tree

Left of the 3D representation is the Model tree. There, all available geometry parts are listed in a tree structure, whereby they can be configured individually.

¢ Model tree (left)


In many design step dialogs a 3D-Preview of the currently designed part can be displayed via the Additional views button at the top.

The 3D-Preview behaves in the same way as the 3D Model view described above. For performance reasons, the 3D objects are displayed with medium resolution, at most.


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