Problems when generating the 3D model

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Problems when generating the 3D model

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Information about 3D-Errors

If any errors occur while generating geometrical elements then the corresponding part in the model tree is marked by red color.

Furthermore, a corresponding error message is displayed in the message panel.

Possible warnings


Possible solutions

3D-Error: Could not create solid.

Distance tolerance is too low or too high

Change the distance tolerance

(see Model settings)

Number of data points is disadvantageous (seldom)

Change the number of data points for the 3D model

(see Model settings)

Eliminating errors during surface generation

For eliminating errors during surface generation there exist the following possibilities:

try a different number of data points for the 3D model (see Impeller- or Volute-Settings)

try a different display resolution (see Model display (top))

The pictures illustrate the possible influence of point density on the surface generation of the blade.

Surface display errors

It may occur that a surface is not displayed although it exists.

You can recognize such cases by selecting the surface in the model tree and choosing a high number of isocurves (see Model display (top)).

Normally, choosing another resolution (see Model display (top)) solves this problem.

Slow 3D model

If the handling of the 3D model is very slow, normally an update of the graphic card driver is helpful.

Visualization errors

Visualization errors and artifacts can often be resolved by updating the graphic card driver.

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