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This view consists mainly of a diagram containing the meridional shape of all components.

Active components are displayed with their respective color, inactive components are displayed grey.

Meridional diagram

The diagram depicts the assembled meridional shapes of the project components and their connecting interfaces
A large arrow on the inlet of the first component illustrate the flow direction.
Captions showing component name and a consecutive number are displayed as well.

The currently selected component is displayed with thick border and can be changed by mouse click on a component.

Component toolbar

If the mouse moves over the selected component the components menu is shown in compact style.

Alternatively you can use the corresponding ribbon menu (see IMPELLER/ STATOR/ VOLUTE).


Component context menu

Right clicking on the component opens its context menu, see Activate/ Rename/ Delete components.

Adding Components

Via the symbol an additional component can be added to the project at the symbols position.
A menu shows the available component types and the option to import an existing one.

See Add component.


Geometric coupling

The direction of the geometric coupling between components is displayed by small symbols (see left).
The coupling can be changed by moving the mouse over a coupling symbol and selecting a coupling configuration from the appearing menu.

Progression diagram

Below the meridional view, progressions of several physical quantities along the flow direction of all components can be displayed:


Cross section area


Meridional velocity


Circumferential velocity


Absolute velocity


Flow angle