Project structure

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Project structure

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A CFturbo project describes a complete single-stage or multi-stage machine.

Project types

The following project/ machine types are available:




Gas Turbine

Hydro Turbine

Project structure

A project consists of the global parts

Project information

Global setup

Performance prediction


Batch mode

Reference components

and the single component parts of the assembly. The following components are available:

Up to 5 Impellers on any position (exception: only 1 runner in Francis turbine project)

Volute as first/ last component

any number of Stators (vaned or vaneless)

Components can be added directly in the components view.

Coupling between components

The following coupling types are available:

Coupling in flow direction (Default)

Inlet cross section of a component is defined by the outlet cross section of previous component.

Coupling reverse flow direction

Outlet cross section of a component is defined by the inlet cross section of next component.


Both sides (inlet and outlet of the respective component) are independent. Gaps between neighboring components are possible. By default a newly added stator is uncoupled at its outlet. That makes it easy to add a stator between two adjacent but detached components.

The component coupling can be adjusted in the component view directly at inlet or outlet the neighboring components.

The impeller as the core component of a machine has primary sides both at inlet and outlet.