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Add component

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Components can be added to the current project by alternative possibilities:

For new projects without components

For projects with existing components

The menu is displayed automatically for empty projects

Use  +  button of the currently selected component

oin the Meridian view

oin the component list on left side


In the menu the component type can be selected. Depending on the specific insert position some of the types can be disabled:

up to 5 impellers and 20 components in a project

a single volute at inlet/ outlet only

Impeller can be added only if the flow direction on the selected position is suitable to the impeller geometry.


Please note:

If you add a component on the first position of the project (in flow direction) then the inlet conditions defined in the Global setup are applied for this new component.

Duplicate components
Import CFturbo components

CFturbo components can be

duplicated within the existing project  

extracted from other CFturbo projects (*.cft) and inserted in the current project.

The available components of the related project are listed with their name and type and can be selected for duplicate/ import.

During the duplicate/ import process, all automatic calculations will be deactivated to keep the original geometry.

Import geometry

New components can be created using external geometry description. Reverse engineering process can be started from here.

Details can be found under Import geometry.