Cloud license setup

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Cloud license setup

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The behavior is very similar to the "Floating license", with the difference that the license server is located in the cloud. Therefore, there is no need to run your own license server.
A stable internet connection is required to use cloud licensing.

For using CFturbo with a cloud license 2 steps have to be performed:

1)Requesting a cloud license from CFturbo sales team

2)Storing the received license file in the CFturbo installation directory

Note: If CFturbo is configured for using a floating license, modules get checked out from that license first if available.

Install license file

The license file you receive must be stored in the CFturbo installation directory (C:\Program Files\CFturbo *) you have chosen during the setup. It already has .lic as file extension, this extension must be preserved.

There should be only one license file (*.lic) present in this directory.

Afterwards you can restart CFturbo and check the license information.