Main dimensions

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Main dimensions

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► STATOR | Main dimensions

The Main Dimensions menu item is used to define main dimensions of the stator.


Initial definition of the stator type. Currently the following types are available:

Free form

Radial diffuser

Bowl diffuser

Axial diffuser

90° bend left

90° bend right

Using the button "Set default" the default properties for each stator type can be set.

The solid density of the stator is an informational value that is not relevant for the hydraulic or aerodynamic design but is used for the calculation of moments of inertia. Density values can be directly entered or selected from a list by pressing the settings button right beside the input area.

With blades

Here you can define if the stator should be vaned or vaneless.

For vaned stators you have to define the number of blades and the existence of splitter blades.

Via Unshrouded you can decide to design a shrouded or unshrouded stator. For unshrouded stator you have to define the tip clearance.

Extent/ Inlet/ Outlet

Extent, inlet and outlet are coupled geometry definitions. Two of the three categories must be explicitly selected and specified, with the remaining one resulting automatically.

¢ Extent

¢ Inlet

¢ Outlet


Right in the dialog some additional information are displayed.

The Meridian preview is based on the until now designed main dimensions and visualizes the general proportions.

Information values lists important coefficients, which result from determined main dimensions. The specific values depend on the selected tab sheet on the left side: Extent, Inlet or Outlet.
If the font color is blue then a hint for the recommended range of this value is available when the mouse cursor is on the table row.
If the font color is red then the current value is outside the recommended range.

Possible warnings


Possible solution

Hub/ Shroud/ Midline length is zero (invalid geometry).

The extent of the stator is 0 at hub, shroud or midline.

Specify a reasonable length value or remove the stator completely.

Thermodynamic state could not be calculated for given main dimensions.
[ for compressors and turbines only ]

The dimensions might be too tight for the specified mass flow and inlet conditions.

Increase the dimensions (width etc.) or change the Global setup (e.g. decrease mass flow). If the stator is vaned, its blade angles can be changed too.