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The simple cut-water is a rounding-off between spiral and diffuser.


The rounding is defined by the angular position
φC,0 (0°=start of volute). Underneath, the minimum necessary angular position is displayed to prevent overlap of the actual volute and the diffuser.

Additionally, the diffuser can be shifted in radial direction by the radial offset  ΔrC to reduce the intersection of spiral and diffuser. This radial offset corresponds to the cut-water thickness.

Side position defines the transition position from the central rounding surface to the side surfaces. For asymmetric spiral cross sections two independent values can be specified for left and right side.

The created edge can be rounded optionally (Round edges).

The cut-water height has a similar effect like side position and defines the transition position of the cut-water surface on the spiral outlet.

The cut-water itself is designed by a 4th order Bezier curve. The shape can be modified interactively after zooming in (Zoom Cut-water).