Cut-water compensation

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Cut-water compensation

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The cut-water is available for external volutes only. For internal volutes the cut-water is a result of the intersection of spiral and diffuser.

Some initial cut-water parameters can be specified in the Cut-water compensation section:

Inner radius r

Informative, see Inlet

r is the inlet radius of the volute and/or outlet radius of radial diffusers

Thickness e

Thickness of the cut-water at the start of the volute (for compensation)

Compensation φC

Angle, above which cut-water correction begins (standard: 270°)

The cut-water does disturb the flow, since the cross-section of the flow is narrowed suddenly by the thickness of the cut-water.

To weaken this negative influence, the cut-water can be corrected. This is achieved by assuming that from the angle φC the inner radius r increases linearly to a value of r+e at the end cross-section of the volute. This results in larger volute cross-sections in this area, so that the narrowing of flow caused by the cut-water becomes less significant.

By clicking on Default, you can return to the standard values for the cut-water.