Turbomachinery Design Software

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Turbomachinery Design Software

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CFturbo is made to interactively design centrifugal, mixed-flow and axial turbomachinery: pumps, fans, compressors, turbines. The software is easy to use and does enable quick generation and variation of impeller, stator and volute geometries. Several models can be displayed, compared and modified simultaneously.

It contains numerous approximation functions that may be customized by the user in order to implement user specific knowledge into the CFturbo-based design process. In spite of the creation of semiautomatic proposals, fundamental experiences in turbomachinery design are helpful but not necessary. An experienced turbomachinery design engineer should be able to design new high-quality machines more easily and quickly.


CFturbo runs under the 64 bit Windows versions currently supported by Microsoft. Currently these are Windows 10 and Windows 11.
Hardware requirement is a modern office PC.

The software user interface is in English language, whereas the manual is available in German and English.

Integration of geometry data into the CAE environment is easily possible by direct interfaces to various CAD- and CFD-systems.


Please read the License agreement before using the program.
Information about activating license you can read in chapter Licensing.

Contact persons you can find under Contact addresses, actual information on the CFturbo website.
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