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Administrator rights are required for the installation.

CFturbo runs on Windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or higher is required for running CFturbo.
More information can be found on

(1) Download



Download is possible for authorized users only.


Registered users can change their password.




Registration is required to get download access.

Available downloads after login:




CFturbo client setup (64 Bit)

CFturbo License server setup (for customers only)

(2) Installation

Start the installation program CFturbo*_setup.exe.

Uninstall existing version optionally.

Accept the license agreement.

Accept or select the destination directory.

If the directory already exists, the existing installation can be overwritten .

CFturbo Ansys Workbench Extension can be installed optionally.

The extension is installed into all existing Ansys installations from version 19.0. Of course, the extension can be installed later manually.

More information about the CFturbo Ansys Workbench Extension is available here:

Accept or modify the start menu name.

The installation takes about 20 seconds normally.

Short licensing information (see licensing).

Setup is completed.

(3) Licensing

After successful installation of the software CFturbo the licensing must be performed.