Primary flow path

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Primary flow path

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Content of this section is split into these topics:

Hub, Shroud

Leading, Trailing edge

Meridional flow calculation


Graphical elements can be manipulated not only by the computer mouse per drag and drop but also by using context menus. To this end a right click on the appropriate element is necessary. Doing so the mode of the leading edge can be changed as well as the coordinates of Bezier points for example.

There are some reasonable constraints when working in simplified modes e.g. the inclination angle of the trailing edge can only be set when hub and shroud are in Bezier mode both.

Display Options

In the Display Options panel some graphical representations can be activated for illustration:

Area circles

used for calculation of cross section area

Neighboring components

on inlet and outlet side are displayed for information.

Use the buttons above the diagram to zoom the current meridional shape only or the entire geometry.

Max. curvature

point is displayed on hub and shroud curves