Bezier curve

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Bezier curve

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Context menus

Options of the context menu for the graphical object of a Beziér curve are listed below:

Control point

Remove Beziér point: Removes selected control point from polygon.

Edit point: Opens a small panel to set coordinates of control point.

Split polygon: Divides control polygon into two control polygons which in turn defines two Beziér curves. This process can be reverted using Merge curve of the connector.

Control polygon

Insert Beziér point: Inserts a new Beziér control point into control polygon

Curve menu

Increase Beziér point count: Increases the number of control points without changing the shape of the curve. Note that all inner points will be rearranged. Note that this function naturally increases the degree of the curve.

Remove inner control points: Removes all inner control points of the control polygon so that the Beziér curve reduces to a line.

Save polyline: Saves 100 curve points in a file.

Split curve: Subdivides the Beziér curve into two curves while keeping the shape of the original curve. Note that inner points will be rearranged and that splitting can not be reverted.

Offset curve: Applies an offset to the curve underneath. Splitting curve before can increase accuracy of the resulting offset curve.