Line segment curve

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Line segment curve

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Context menus

Options of the context menu for the graphical object of a Line segment curve are listed below:

Control point

Remove polygonal point: Removes selected control point from polygon.

Edit point: Opens a small panel to set coordinates of control point and fillet radius.

Split polygon: Divides control polygon into two control polygons which in turn defines two Line segment curves. This process can be reverted using Merge curve of the connector.

Circle center

Edit radius: Edit fillet radius directly.


Insert polygonal point: Inserts a new control point.

Remove inner control points: Removes all inner control points of the control polygon so that Line segment curve reduces to a line.

Save polyline: Saves 100 curve points in a file.

Split curve: Subdivides the Line segment curve into two curves while trying to keep the shape of the original curve.

Offset curve: Applies an offset to the curve underneath.