Stage designer

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Stage designer

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Using the stage designer is an alternative method of creating multi-stage machines.

The number of stages can be specified and for each impeller the shape and the type can be selected. The distribution of the energy transmission defined in the Global Setup to the individual stages can be relative or absolute. As a result, the corresponding impellers are created with their Main dimensions and Meridional contour.

On the right side a meridional preview is available as well as a table with the most important thermodynamic values of each impeller.

The space between the designed impellers can be filled with vaned or vaneless stators afterwards.

Each impeller created by the stage designer is considered to have no inlet swirl. That is to say its property consider upstream swirl is false by default, see page Setup on Main dimensions. Normally there will be vaned stationary components located between adjacent impellers that will change the swirl in a certain way. Very often that change will result in a zero inflow swirl for the next impeller.