Ansys Meshing (Ansys)

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Ansys Meshing (Ansys)

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Ansys Meshing can be used within Ansys Workbench only. Using the CFturbo Workbench extension is recommended to create smooth workflows very comfortable.

For manual use of Ansys Meshing the following prerequisite needs to be fulfilled in order to use pre-defined names for the geometry parts:

In CFturbo, the Parasolid file format should be selected instead of STEP, because Ansys Meshing is not able to detect the names from the STEP file.
The export format can be selected in the Settings area.

In Ansys Workbench, the usage of Named Selections must be enabled manually:
- menu Tools/ Options
- select Geometry Import bottom left
- scroll down to Basic Options on the right
- Activate Named Selections option
- set Filtering Prefixes to NS