Informational values

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Informational values

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The tables contains additional values for information:

Radial diffuser [ Stator type "Radial diffuser" only ]

Various values to verify the quality of the diffuser design.
¢ see Mean line design for "Radial diffuser" stator type

Blade passage

Throat area between neighboring mean surfaces.
This value depends on the number of blades, the wrap angle and the blade shape.

Circular blade

Radius, sector angle, center point, leading edge point, trailing edge point of circular arc.

Lean angle

Lean angle values at leading (λ1) and trailing edge (λ2).
¢ see Blade lean angle

Blade loading [ Pump impeller only ]

Blade loading estimation with lift coefficient (Guelich):

and with the effective blade loading (Gülich):

Blade angle

Table with the blade angles βB calculated in the Blade properties dialog or computed due to simple blade shapes.

Blade angle in x-y

Table with the blade angles of the frontal view βB,xy.
In case of strictly radial blades these values are consistent with the blade angles βB.

Blade angle with sine rule [ Turbine rotors only ]

Calculated blade angle using the sine rule.
For every mean line the calculated angles as well as their differences to the actual blade angles are given in a table.
¢ see Sine rule

Blade solidity

Ratio between blade length (in different definitions) and pitch (e.g. π·d2/z).

Other information

Table with:

mean line length lML, i.e. the length in a 3D cartesian coordinate system.

resulting angles of overlapping φB of 2 neighboring blades

incidence angle i for hub and shroud