Known issues in Spaceclaim

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Known issues in Spaceclaim

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When importing the geometry files and the Python script together, there is a chance that SpaceClaim will automatically activate the “record” function in the script editor. It is strongly advised to check and deactivate this feature, to ensure the proper function of the pre-built Python script.


Depending on the complexity of the geometry, SpaceClaim may try to simplify the geometry imports. Any simplification will prevent the Python script from functioning properly. It is therefore advised to deactivate the “Clean and simplify geometry” option in the SpaceClaim Options under the “General” entry in the “Import options” section.


Under certain circumstances SpaceClaim is not able to import a geometry component properly. This will result in missing faces and the geometry component in being unclosed. This is a known problem in SpaceClaim, Defect Number: 174865.
As a Result, the affected body will appear transparent.
When running the Python script, it will detect the problematic body, mark it red and ask for a repair. If the repair suggestion is confirmed, the script tries to create a closed volume body by rebuilding the missing faces. Since the original geometry information are partially lost, a creation of named selections for the affected body will not be possible.
After the repair attempt the body will be colored green while repaired faces will be marked red.


Under certain circumstances some parts of the geometry are missing when forwarding the geometry from SpaceClaim to Ansys meshing. The critical area is mainly the splitter edge of double volutes. In SpaceClaim the geometry looks fine. This is a known problem in SpaceClaim since version 19.2, Defect Number: 130684.
As workaround, you can create a new Windows environment variable with the name ANS_READER_HEAL and set the value to TRUE.