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After starting the program you see the following screen:

Create new project

Here you can create a new project by selecting the desired machine type:




Gas Turbine

Hydro Turbine


These 4 buttons correspond to the menu item File/ New.

After creating a new project the Global Setup dialog is starting automatically.

Afterwards several components can be added to the project.

Open existing project

Here you can select existing projects:

Open any CFturbo project (*.cft) via file opening dialog
(corresponds to the menu item "File/ Open")

Here you can select one of the 10 recently used projects. The full filename is displayed as a hint if you move the mouse cursor over any item.

By right click on any item you can open the corresponding directory, remove the item or clear the entire list.

Open one of the CFturbo sample projects from the installation directory.

Alternatively, a CFturbo project can be opened by drag & drop the corresponding *.cft file.


For Recent projects and Sample projects, a preview of the corresponding project is available for the item under the mouse cursor if there is enough space to the right of the lists.