Progression diagrams

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Progression diagrams

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At Progression diagrams one can specify, which parameter should be used for the x-axis of the progression diagrams in the Meridional contour and Blading windows (Meanline, Profiles, Edges, 3D cross section).

abs. meridional length M

rel. meridional length M/MMax

abs. radius based meridional length m

rel. radius based meridional length m/mMax

abs. radius r

rel. radius r/rMax

abs. axial length z

rel. axial Δz/ΔzMax

abs. chord length l

rel. chord length l/lMax

Some constellations may yield undefined x-values due to reference (e.g. rMax, ΔzMax) values. Those constellations will be marked in the diagrams. One should use another option in such a case.