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Additional views

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The following information can be displayed in the blade profile dialog using the "Additional views" button:

Informational values

The Info panel represents information of the designed blade profile:

Throat area
Smallest cross section between 2 neighboring blades

Actual thickness
Actual orthogonal blade thickness values of hub and shroud profiles at leading edge, at trailing edge, after 1/3 and after 2/3 of the blade length
If the cells are colored red, then the thickness on leading/trailing edge is differing from the Target thickness.

Target thickness
Orthogonal blade thickness values for hub and shroud profiles at leading edge and at trailing edge as defined in the Blade properties dialog.
Please note that the blade thickness on leading and trailing edge should be modified in the Blade properties dialog only. In this case the blade angle calculation should be updated due to the blade blockage.


3D model of the currently designed blades as well as surfaces of hub and shroud and mean surfaces.

Frontal view

The Frontal view represents the designed profiles in a frontal view, including diameters dH and d2.

Furthermore, the smallest cross section between 2 neighboring profiles is displayed.

Blade passage area

Area that is approximately perpendicularly flown through and formed by hub, shroud and two neighboring blades.

Blade profile

Undistorted profiles in relative or absolute co-ordinates. In display options the span to be displayed can be selected.

Blade to blade

Two neighboring blades in m-t-co-ordinates. In display options the span to be displayed can be selected.

Profile distance

Distance of two neighboring blades in m-t-co-ordinates. For axial machines with a coaxial meridian this gives a good impression of the de facto distance distribution.

Meridional thickness

Thickness of blade in z-r-co-ordinates. In display options the definition of thickness can be switched.

Blade surface values

See blade surface values.