TCFD (CFD Support)

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TCFD (CFD Support)

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In addition to the Triangulation settings, the following parameters are available:


Files parameters

Allows to define which files should be exported.

Export all files: Configuration file (*.tcfd) and STL files are exported.

Export configuration file only: STL files are not exported. This option can be useful for saving export time if the user wants to generate a new configuration file with different settings (rotational speed, boundary condition values, fluid data etc.). In this case, all geometrical export requirements (like solid trimming) are disabled in the CFturbo Export window.

Export STL files only: The configuration file is not exported. This option is useful, e.g. if STL files for some (but not all) components have to be exported again due to an unsatisfactory triangulation. In this case, the original configuration file, which refers to all components, should not be overwritten.

Full 360° or periodic segment

Allows to define whether the full geometry or only a periodic segment should be exported for selected rotational symmetric components.

Not supported characters

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