Blade-to-blade flow 1D

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Blade-to-blade flow 1D

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Swirl cu·r and its derivative

cu-values are calculated based on the assumption that the flow follows the direction given by the blade, i.e. by the blade angles. For centrifugal and mixed-flow impeller this assumptions is applied until the Stanitz-radius (see Stanitz & Prian). At radii bigger than the Stanitz-radius the slip is taken into account. For axial impellers the assumption of blade congruent flow is applied up an equivalent meridional position. If the flow enters the blade passage with an incidence (see blade properties) the relative flow is assumed to be blade congruent latest as m/mmax = 30%, depending on the incidence angle. The meridional velocity component cm is taken from the meridional flow calculation.

In case the meridional flow calculation failed the blade-to-blade flow 1D results cannot be calculated and the diagram will not be available.