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On page Setup one can specify some basic settings.


Manual dimensioning
In manual dimensioning mode the main dimensions and blade angles are not calculated by CFturbo. All these values are user-defined input values.

Design a shrouded (closed) or unshrouded (open) impeller.
For an unshrouded impeller you have to define the tip clearance, optional different values at inlet and outlet.

Material density
The material density of the impeller is an informational value that is not relevant for the aerodynamic design but is used for the calculation of moments of inertia. Density values can be directly entered or selected from a list by pressing the settings button next to the input area.

Impeller type
Turbine only: select either Standard or Rocket engine rotor type.

Inflow swirl
Either the outlet swirl of the upstream component will be used for the determination of the inlet swirl or the absolute inlet flow angle or the degree of reaction (the latter only t if total-to-static pressure ratio πts is specified, see global setup). If the absolute inlet flow angle was chosen it is to be specified whether the inlet flow is sub or super sonic.

Blade design mode
Currently design mode Airfoil is only available for compressors whereas Mean line (using Euler's equation on mean lines) is available for compressors and turbines .

Multi stage

For a multi stage design the panel Multi stage options is available.

Initial default setting

When creating a new design the initial default settings for some important properties are displayed in the panel Initial default settings. These settings are used in further design steps and can be modified by selecting the Change settings button. Of course these default settings can be modified manually in the appropriate design steps. See Preferences: Impeller/ Stator settings for more information.


Some design point values are displayed in the right Information panel when selecting the page Values (see Global setup).